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Melanie Scalera

21 days ago

Great workout. Can’t move today but I’ll be back!

Patty Bolic Ragule

26 days ago

This place is awesome!! So much fun and a great atmosphere. Aside from the workouts being hard, they are totally adjustable to your own fitness level. I love supporting a strong, local business owner!! Thanks Britt and way to go!!

Lauren Marie

a month ago

I have been going for a little over a month now. My 430 class is the best and Leia and Kelli have given me the extra push i need! I have found my inner confidence and self love thanks to all these women!

Liz Polonski

a month ago

I literally have nothing to add beyond that this is an amazing workout with amazing and inspirational instructors every day.

Julia Balasinowicz

2 months ago

So far I have gone two days and am signed up for a month . I vomited my first day because the exercises are so intense but I have never felt so comfortable working out ! The trainers are so nice and always correct you in a good way . I struggle with my self image - having a baby does that to you . They made me feel so good about myself and I look forward to continuing to finally do something for myself . Thank you for accepting me and never judging and motivating me to push through. I can’t wait for tomorrow and I NEVER have ever said that about working out ! Thank you!!!!

Kristi Prince

2 months ago

I've been exercising consistently for about 5 years and I’ve never challenged myself or had any other class challenge me the way HIWB does. In two weeks I’ve learned more than I have since I started working out! Not to mention the atmosphere is fun and makes you enjoy the workout and want to keep coming back!

Jake Snide

3 months ago

Going through hard times in my life struggling with weight gain from medication for my PTSD from Afghanistan. I have never felt comfortable working out really in public. Although I still manage to try to go to the gym and workout it’s hard to actually get a good workout. Yesterday at HIIT It with Britt I felt exstremely comfortable, Kristen was absolutely AWESOME, giving pointers and just motivating the hell... I honestly say that HIIT It with Britt is by far the best gym I have ever been to, I have to give them a 100000000/10 review. I reccomend HIIT It with Britt to anyone looking for a gym to call home. After my first class I instantly signed up for member ship and will continue to tackle my goals. Thank you to the Team/ instructors!!!!!!

Sita Subbaram

4 months ago

 It's been 5 weeks here and I love it...the trainers , the people are amazing...keep you motivated...shout out to Kellianne Carr for the every day motivation...have made so many friends ..everyday is a new challenge...and I am seeing actual physical results...

Gabby Fuda

5 months ago

Tried Hiit for the first time yesterday. It definitely kicked my butt and that’s exactly what I needed. The coaches were outstanding in motivating me to keep going when I was tired and made sure the beginners were comfortable and taken care of. Looking forward to the next month and getting stronger.

Alexandria Toomey

5 months ago

Yesterday was my first time at HIIT and I absolutely LOVED it! I just had a baby, haven't done any exercise in a long time, and had no idea what I was doing but the coach's there were so motivating and helped me so much! I didn't feel discouraged as I thought I was going to. It was so uplifting having others who WANT to see you succeed! I can't wait to go again!!

Samantha Rankins

5 months ago

I can not say enough about how much I love this gym!! The staff are all extremely helpful and encouraging actively helping each member meet their goals. The members are a great community of people who truly embrace and support each new addition to the family!!!!

Ashley Hart

5 months ago

After years of ok workouts alone, bodybuilding, running, and boxing, and falling off track, I am so glad to have found an intense group workout that is different everyday, challenging, works your whole body, and makes you sore & sweaty (in a good way). I like and need the modifications for some things because they are so creative at HIWB with minimal equipment - amazing! Not to mention the helpful instructors & supportive other members. When the instructors work hard and love what they do, it's so motivating to do the same! Love this place & the fam!

Arielle Smith

7 months ago

I cannot say enough good about this gym and I am so thankful for it. Each and every class pushes you to your limit. I love that when I go there, I think about absolutely nothing else. Life's stress is left at the door. The trainers care; they want you to be the best that you can. The motivation is incredible. HIWB also gives back to the community, and the world! From hosting events with other local businesses, to seminars with Advocare, to working with Causely to give back to different causes every month. The money spent at this gym not only gives you a great workout that WILL change you, but Britt (and now Relli) put's it back into the gym. She is constantly getting new and additional equipment, a "BigAss" fan (amazing), tons of great apparel, etc. If you are looking at these reviews and contemplating, JUST DO IT. Try it and you will not be disappointed that you did. You don't need someone to go with, everyone will welcome you with open arms.

Alyssa Margaret

7 months ago

I’m just a little shy of completing my first month at HIWB. It’s been almost a month since I decided to throw out every excuse in the book, almost a month since I decided to start taking care of myself again. I can’t even put in words how great this gym is, the trainers, and the other hiiters are. Britt & her AMAZING team have made me feel so welcomed. They push you - it’s a good push, I promise, they help you, correct you, and actually train you. HIWB has gained another hiiter for life.


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