At her first encounter at HIWB in 2016, Sarah "Rah" felt confident that her training as an athlete had prepared me for the workout she was about to experience. She played sports as a youngster and had rigorous training schedules while playing sports in high school and in college. Her confidence that she was “in shape” was challenged at her first HiiT session when she experienced the intensity of the FULL body workout. It was definitely the INTENSE workout she signed up for! The versatility of the workouts allow for modifications of any of the exercises, thereby individualizing each person's workout.


Going to HIWB rekindled her love and passion for personal training and nutrition, and she has determined that both physical and nutritional wellness have an impact on mental wellness. Rah has her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and works full-time in this field. Working at HIWB allows her to promote the reality that there is a mind-body connection.


When she is not at the gym or counseling, you can usually find Rah spending time with family and friends, engaging in some sort of outdoors activity: hiking, completing yard work, having a cookout, relaxing by the pool, or having a bonfire. HIWB is one of her favorite places; but, when she's not there, she loves spending her free-time with her horse, riding the trails or relaxing together in the fields.


Monday to Thursday - 5 AM to 6:30 PM
Friday - 5 AM to 10:30 AM
Saturday - 7 AM to 10 AM


6 Vatrano Rd. Albany, NY 12205



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