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  1. What song gets you pumped up?
    Anything by Lil Wayne or Beyoncé.

  2. What is it about HIWB and group fitness?
    Ever since the first day I stepped foot in the gym it was something completely different for me. I was welcomed by smiling faces, and I felt like I fit right in immediately. The motivation, determination, and true compassion out of every single person in this gym, both the trainers and hiiters, really drives me to be the best version of myself everyday...especially when you have the crew in your ear pushing you to keep going, all the way to one.

  3. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
    I would be a bird. They are so peaceful and free, both of which I love to be and feel.

  4. Post workout snack?
    Overnight oats for sure. I mix together rolled oats, protein powder, banana and almond milk. Sometimes I add a little peanut butter too. Mmm it's the best!

  5. Perfect Sunday afternoon activity?
    I love curling up on my bed or on my deck with my pup and a good book.

  6. Most challenging exercise movement and why?
    Pull ups for sure. I've been working on them for a while-one day I will be able to do more than one!

  7. Best advice you ever received?
    "Follow your dreams" from my dad. He always told me to do what I loved... and that's why I'm here at HIWB :)

  8. Food you can’t live without?
    Pizza. And ice cream. I could live off of both of them.

  9. Three words to describe you.
    Outgoing. Ambitious. Kind.

  10. Morning or evening workout?
    I used to dread waking up early to workout... now I prefer it to get my day started. I love feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, not having to worry about fitting it in later in the day.

  11. Favorite workout shoe?
    I currently use Nike frees, but I have been dying to try metcons!

  12. Your biggest accomplishment?
    As of now, it's receiving my NASM Personal Trainer Certification and pursuing my passion.

  13. Your mantra?
    "Be kind. Work hard. Stay humble. Smile often."

  14. Celebrity crush?
    Rihanna for sure. She is a queen in every way.

  15. Favorite season and why?
    Easily summer. I love everything about it. The sun, being outdoors, camping, fires, concerts, the list goes on and on.